Uses of favicon and How to download and view the favicon of any website


Here is how to view and download the favicon of any website

What is a Favicon

Favicon is an acronym for “Favourites Icon” and it is a small icon associated with a particular website, usually displayed in the address bar of a browser when accessing any page of the website on a browser or when users intend to save or bookmark a page with its dimension majorly as "16x16"

What are the Uses of a Favicon

  • It add beauty to a website
  • Easy for users to remember your site when bookmarking or saving a page there
  • Who knows users may want to use your favicon as icon and place it behind twitter facebook share buttons e.t.c. To convert traffic to your site
  • Differentiate your website from your competitors

Steps To Download Favicon From any Website

  • Go to the website you wish to download the favicon from e.g.
  • At the front of the url type /favicon
    .ico i.e.

  • Right click on the favicon and save the image to your hard disk or whichever place you always save files
  • What if the directory isn't in /favicon.ico

  • Navigate to the website homepage
  • View the page source by Right clicking on the page and click on the pop-up View Page source
  • Type Ctrl+F
  • words like these will pop-up < rel=”shortcu..t icon” href=”http://www.techinfo{sitename}.com/images/ favicon.ico”/ or link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”{sitename}.co.m/favicon/favicon.ico>
  • copy the url in the middile i.e. http://www.techinfo{sitename}.com/images/ favicon.ico and open the page
  • Right click and download the favicon
  • Notes : The directory might be placed in any form with any name for the image

    Examples : ximgs/myname.ico

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