5 things you must do before selling your android phone


Are you planning to sell your phone probably because you want to upgrade this year. You know new year new level 😛 Let me also use this opportunity to wish our readers a happy new year and please don't forget to forward my own gift to my mail o

Here we are going to give you the list of things  you must do on your andoid phone before you sell it in 2017

#1.Repair the phone


No one will buy an almost dead phone or dead phone from you nowadays,you must find time to repair the phone before you sell it and it will even be more attractive in such a way that the person you want to sell it too will buy it at an amazing price. Pls when you are repairing it make sure you monitor the engineer

#2.Backup the phone


Am very sure you won't want to loose your old files so make sure you back it up  and inorder to backup your phone you may copy all your data to your System(computer or pc ) by connecting it through a USB cable or in other way round you can also copy all the files to a cloud service like Dropbox, Google+, and OneDrive.To backup your phone,navigate to Settings << Account << Google account and select all the data you want to sync for backup.

#3. Remove your memory card


Nowadays SD cards worth more than jus loosing it easily and even if we put the worth aside what of the informations that are inside? To avoid stories that touch make sure you remove your memory card before selling your android this 2017 .

#4. Remove your sim


The sim is the heart of every phone we have on this planet and i know you won't want to misplace it so make sure you remove it before selling the phone. Though you can retrieve it but am sure you won't want to waste a dime during this recession

#5. Restore Factory settings

When you are done backing up your phone, you need to wipe them off your informations from your phone and the best way to do that is to do that is to restore factory settings,this is to prevent its new owner from getting access to your important data. Factory resetting your device will erase all data on your phone, including photos, music, documents, installed apps, contacts, calendar, and messages,videos e.t.c To do this, go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset

Hope you gained something ?
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