Top 5 ways to increase the batctery life of your android phone


We are all aware that most African countries are known for inadequate power supply which affect our Light powered gadgets.Though,there is a way out known to many which is the use of power banks but the latest research showed that power banks can no longer sustain the life of our Android phones

Today,we are going to talk about a solution titled "Top 5 ways to boost the battery life of an android phone" also synonymous to "how to increase the battery life of an android phone".

Here we go : How to make your android battery last longer this 2017

#1.Reduce your backlight

Increasing backlight is one thing that weigh our batteries down easily and many are not even aware of this,when you increase your backlight to the highest percentage,it will cause two damages :
1.)Destroy your eyes slowly
2.)Will not make your battery last longer

#2.Download battery saving applications

We have numerous applications you can get at google store that will save your battery e.g. :
1.)Ultra Power
2.)Battery doctor
3.)DU battery saver
4.)360 Battery-Battery saver
5.)Clean Master(Boost & App lock) and so many apps i can't even mention
Download and install those apps and they will all work like magic

#3.Check what drains the app

Quickly Navigate to settings > Battery to check the apps that is seriously damaging your battery

#4.Get a power bank

What is a power bank?
A Power Bank is a mobile charger can be charged in advance for later phones, tablets or laptops to recharge on that power bank.
Though i said earlier on that power bank may not be the perfect control in some countriesbut you can still manage it. Please when going for power banks make sure you check the spec very well to avoid buying a fake one

#5.Update your apps

Incase you don't know,upgraded apps were built to reduce battery usage so you must always update your apps to avoid unnecesary battery usage. Futhermore,you can put all apps to automatic update so that they can easily update anytime a new version is released

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